Making Sense of Microposts (#MSM2013)

Big things come in small packages

Concept Extraction Challenge - Dataset Updates

Theme: Making Sense of Microposts: Big things come in small packages

Award Sponsor: eBay

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Gold standard Annotated training & test datasets
Submission version Training dataset update & UTF-8 encoding of test dataset — v1.5 on 16 Mar 2013. List of changes for v1.5
15 Mar 2013 v1.4 Training dataset update v1.4 on 15 Mar 2013 and summary of changes
14 Mar 2013 v1.3 Training dataset update v1.3 on 14 Mar 2013 and summary of changes
06 Mar 2013 v1.2 Training dataset update v1.2 at 12:16 on 06 Mar — note there are two updates on 06 Mar to the training dataset.
List of changes for v1.2
06 Mar 2013 v1.1 v1.1 at 11:21 on 06 Mar and list of changes for v1.1.
17 Jan 2013 Original dataset

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Deadline (extended): 17 20 Mar 2013

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